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Objectivity, Inc. is a pioneer in high-performance distributed database platforms that power mission-critical applications for the most demanding and complex data sources in the enterprise. Objectivity enables organizations to accelerate time-to-value of their data assets at scale by enriching Big Data with Fast Data.

qte_mark_toprt_blue_smA technically superior approach to application development.
qte_mark_toprt_blue_smHigh availability with zero administration effort.
qte_mark_toprt_blue_smSuperior performance helped us achieve the real-time data handling needs of our most demanding customers.

Objectivity/DB, the company’s flagship product and patented object-oriented database technology, enables customers to maximize existing infrastructure to capture information needed to address evolving, complex, analytic requirements within Big Data.

• Enable live queries on virtually any data model
• 25% less processing and 60% less storage by putting data where you need it
• Uniquely distributed with ACID transactions

No other graph database can match InfiniteGraph‘s strengths of persisting and traversing complex relationships. Achieve a greater return on data-related investments by “connecting the dots” on a global scale, and ask deeper and more complex questions across new or existing data stores.

• Intuitive Java API that natively supports graph-based applications
• Multiple pipeline agents accelerate data ingest
• Flexible visualization lets you load custom navigation plug-ins

ThingSpan’s object-oriented approach to information fusion makes it faster and easier to create systems capable of managing data volumes well beyond the petabyte level. Now organizations can transform Big and Fast Data from generic to relevant in real time, thereby maximizing business value.

• A massively scalable, distributed solution for information fusion
• Native support of the Big Data ecosystem
• Organize highly interconnected data by relationships

Objectivity, Inc. has been bridging the gap between Big Data and Fast Data within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for leading government agencies and commercial enterprises for decades. Our software is embedded as a key component in several custom applications, such as management of real-time sensor data, complex manufacturing processes, security solutions, smart healthcare and smart grid management.

No matter the industry or complexity of the problem, Objectivity software can handle large amounts of all types of data, make it readily available for analysis, and find actionable business intelligence.

Careers at Objectivity

With a unique environment that combines the rich history of a well-established enterprise with the nimbleness and innovation of a start-up, Objectivity, Inc. is a fantastic place to work for both the seasoned professional and up-and-comer. Visit our Careers page to learn more about joining our amazing team of technology experts.