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InfiniteGraph is a massively scalable and distributed graph database for storing and searching highly connected data with an easy to use Java API.

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Objectivity/DB is the proven object database, enabling large-scale, distributed, and data-intensive applications with support for multiple language bindings and flexible object models.

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The Age of Discovery – Bloor Group White Paper
logo Download the Latest White Paper from the Bloor Group, Charting a Path to Success with Graph Technology MORE 

InfiniteGraph Lunch & Learn
logoInterested in Graph Databases? Objectivity’s technical team will come to your office and give you and your team a high level overview of InfiniteGraph, the Distributed and Scalable Graph Database. Lunch will be provided while you discover the power of graph database technology for your Big Data needs. For more information or to sign up please contact us. MORE 

 InfiniteGraph Social for Android & iOS
logoLeveraging InfiniteGraph 3.1, InfiniteGraph Social allows users to combine multiple social networks to search, discover and share information such as likes, interests, photos and new interconnections between any connected network. MORE 

The NoSQL Tapes
logo A film compilation of interviews, explanations & case studies within the NoSQL space sponsored in part by InfiniteGraph. MORE