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Objectivity’s ThingSpan is an enterprise-grade, distributed graph platform for analytics and relationship discovery at SPEED and SCALE.



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The enterprise graph platform for analytics at speed and scale

  • Integrates with open source stack: Spark, Kafka, HDFS, YARN
  • Enables graph analytics and relationship analytics for pattern-finding
  • ThingSpan REST API manages schema and supports high-speed ingest with parallel querying
  • The features and functions of InfiniteGraph are incorporated into ThingSpan’s graph analytics platform

Uniquely distributed and scalable object database management system

  • Handles highly interconnected data
  • Single Logical View of physically distributed objects
  • No mapping layer
  • Rapid navigation and path-finding


Objectivity’s platform is a key component in several enterprise and government applications, such as management of real-time sensor data, complex manufacturing processes, security solutions, smart healthcare and smart grid management.

No matter the industry or complexity of the problem, Objectivity’s graph analytics platform can handle large amounts of all types of data, make it readily available for analysis, and find actionable business intelligence.


Industrial IoT

Predictive maintenance, Process automation, Advanced quality control



Network optimization, Cybersecurity, Churn analytics



Intelligence analysis, Crime prevention, Sensor fusion



Precision medicine, Drug discovery, Telehealth



Alpha generation, Fraud detection, Know Your Customer


and more!

Retail and ecommerce, Ad tech, Social media


qte_mark_toprt_blue_smA technically superior approach to application development.
qte_mark_toprt_blue_smHigh availability with zero administration effort.
qte_mark_toprt_blue_smSuperior performance helped us achieve the real-time data handling needs of our most demanding customers.