InfiniteGraph Social - The power of your social networks in your hands

InfiniteGraph Social, powered by InfiniteGraph, is the only mobile application available today that enables you to Search, Discover and Connect the information from your different social networks and puts the power of your social network in your hands!

Search: Search all your friend’s updates, likes, photos and profiles for common themes.

Discover: Find connections, common interests and likes between contacts in multiple networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and make new connections.

Connect: Comment on your friend’s posts that you have discovered, get to know each other better and re-engage.

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InfiniteGraph Social Beta Program: Be one of the first 500 users to download the GraphMyLife Beta for Android and sign up for our Beta Program to receive an exclusive InfiniteGraph Social Beta T-shirt, recognition as a beta contributor and direct access to our InfiniteGraph Social Development team for feedback and support. Sign up now!