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Things to know before contacting us for details on downloading InfiniteGraph, The Distributed Graph Database™

1. Understanding your project Scope:

InfiniteGraph is optimized to provide the most value for large, distributed, complex, and scalable data projects. We look at the entire tree… not just the fruit.


Projects that require more than a single-server, embedded architecture will benefit the most from using a distributed graph database. InfiniteGraph specializes in Big Data applications that need to handle massive amounts of distributed, scalable and complex data. Features such as parallel ingest, high-speed graph traversals and scalability enable maximum performance within Big Data applications.

2. Understanding your project growth:

Some quick start, easy to use software may not be meant to scale into complex applications handling distributed Big Data scaling into petabytes and beyond. InfiniteGraph specializes in scaling out to handle all your Big Data needs.


Should you have a need to grow your smaller project into a Big Data environment, starting out with an universally available technology may be an easy option, but once you have your data ingested into a single-server, embedded architecture it may take more time and effort to transfer that project to a more scalable solution in the future. Starting with a scalable technology will establish a foundation for your growing project from the very beginning.

3. Speed of Ingest:

Organizations are looking for solutions that can help improve the speed of their applications. There is minimal difference in the speed of ingest with most single-server, embedded solutions. The true benefit of InfiniteGraph is having optimized parallel ingest to quickly handle distributed Big Data environments.


Organizations are in need of finding tools that can offer real-time decision support based upon the ingest of existing and streaming data, as it is acquired. Ingest speed is the amount of time it takes to download that data into a graph database for query. InfiniteGraph is the only distributed graph database technology that is optimized for and inherently offers the ability to ingest on a massively parallel scale, similar to tools such as Hadoop. A new advanced placement manager feature also allows users to define local graphs to place the data, during ingest, where it will be most accessed to improve traversal and indexing speeds. Although InfiniteGraph may be on par with ingest speeds in single server environments, InfiniteGraph 3.0 is known to ingest Big Data linearly faster than standard embedded solutions with use of our unique Pipeline Ingest feature

4. Speed of Query:

InfiniteGraph 3.2 offers powerful enhancements to navigation-query make finding the data you need faster and easier than ever!


Now that you have all this data ingested into your graph database, you need to access it somehow to find the value in your data. Different solutions offer different query options. Many graph database solutions offer query options and allow for the use of known algorithms to allow for some quick start opportunities. These queries can take multiple minutes to run, which may not be fast enough for real-time application needs. InfiniteGraph 3.2 offers powerful enhancements to navigation-query make finding the data you need faster and easier than ever! Benefit from enhanced path-match predicates, negate qualifiers with a new built-in NOT qualifier, retrieve edges using new methods on the vertex class and learn more by trying the new sample demonstrating the path-match syntax

5. Samples for many different verticals and types of applications:

Most likely we already have a quick start sample for you to try out! Take a look at our InfiniteGraph wiki site at or visit our InfiniteGraph Support Tab on the Objectivity website.


On the home page of the InfiniteGraph wiki you will find quick start samples to try out under the Tutorials and Examples tab for all types of vertical applications such as Healthcare (PharmGraphSample), Transportation (FlightPlanSample), Social Media (IGFacebookSample/IGIMDBSample), Security/Fraud Detection/Network Management (IGLinkHunterSample).

6. Support during your trial period:

InfiniteGraph offers free online support via our InfiniteGraph Google Groups website.

Our trained customer support technicians manage our Google Group daily and are quick to respond to questions and concerns that you might have during your trial period. If you prefer a guided trial or POC option, we have several custom Professional Service Packages (PSP’s) that we can offer, just send us a request for PSP via our Contact Us page.

7. Can I publish my work done with InfiniteGraph or Objectivity/DB? :

We encourage you to share your work publicly, but note that you can not disclose, without Objectivity, Inc. prior written consent…

We encourage you to share your work publicly, but note that you can not disclose, without Objectivity, Inc. prior written consent, any performance or capacity statistics or the results of any benchmark test performed on InfiniteGraph or Objectivity/DB. For information on how to get your work reviewed contact us via our Contact Us page.

We hope this quick overview of what to expect with InfiniteGraph has been helpful. For technical questions please feel free to email us or visit our Google Groups site. The InfiniteGraph Wiki has all our technical documentation available to you online for reference as well as samples, configuration, programming and administrative tools overviews. Happy Graphing!

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