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InfiniteGraph Overview

InfiniteGraph enables organizations to achieve greater return on their data related investment by helping them “connect the dots” on a global scale, ask deeper and more complex questions, across new or existing data stores.

There is no other graph technology available today, offered by any other commercial vendor or open source project, that can match InfiniteGraph’s combined strengths of persisting and traversing complex relationships requiring multiple hops, across vast and distributed data stores.

Key Features

Distributed Graph Database
Take full advantage of distributed data using flexible and configurable storage locations, and distribute the
processing load in the most efficient way for your application. You can add storage locations and zones to your
graph database at any time, making them immediately available to any applications accessing the graph.

Intuitive, Graph-Focused Java API Optimized for Data Relationships
Build data-intensive graph-based applications rapidly using an API that natively supports the concepts of vertices
and edges. Take full advantage of the rich and flexible annotation available for edges, which are first class objects.

Accelerated Ingest
Ingest data on a massively parallel scale using multiple pipeline agents on local or remote servers.

Managed Placement
Leverage InfiniteGraph’s configurable, model-based technique for placing new elements in a graph database.
Managed placement provides quick, out-of-the-box usage via the initial placement model included with every
new graph database, or you can create a custom model to physically collocate graph elements that are often
accessed together to enhance navigation query performance. You can also physically separate or isolate
frequently accessed data objects to avoid lock contention.

Powerful Navigation Queries
Query the graph through a powerful navigation API, executing in-process or across remote servers that distribute
the processing load and maximize efficiency by running queries where the data is stored.

Powerful Filtering
Define a subset of your graph on which to run a navigation query, streamlining your query and improving overall
performance. This is accomplished with a graph view object, which offers a variety of filtering techniques for
omitting objects or object types not relevant to your navigation.

Policy-Driven Consistency Models
Accelerate ingest by relaxing consistency or choose full ACID mode when required.

Indexing and Query
Leverage InfiniteGraph’s indexing framework to create automatic, graph-wide indexes on multiple key fields.
Create reusable, thread-safe query objects to execute high performance, graph-wide scans for objects qualified by
predicate strings. Query objects automatically leverage any relevant graph-wide indexes for optimal performance.

Plugin Framework
Package and deploy reusable custom navigators and result formatters in InfiniteGraph applications, including the Visualizer

Data Visualization
Flexible graph visualization tool that lets you browse your data or perform navigation queries by loading your
custom navigation plugins.

Blueprints Support
Provide access to InfiniteGraph via an established open-source API, supporting the use of popular tools such as
Tinkerpop Gremlin.

Contact us for a trial InfiniteGraph download and support on your next POC. 

Expand as needed with flexible pricing and license options:

  • Pay as you go: Runtime, usage-based “node and edge bundles” start at less than $5,000.
  • Unit or Site Licensing: Site or per-core pricing is optimal for larger or classified environments.
  • For more technical information please visit InfiniteGraph’s Wiki Page: IG Wiki
  • Volume discounts available to OEM/VAR. Contact us for more information.

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