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InfiniteGraph 3.2 Overview

InfiniteGraph enables organizations to achieve greater return on their data related investment by helping them “connect the dots” on a global scale, ask deeper and more complex questions, across new or existing data stores.

There is no other graph technology available today, offered by any other commercial vendor or open source project, that can match InfiniteGraph’s combined strengths of persisting and traversing complex relationships requiring multiple hops, across vast and distributed data stores.

  • Download and develop, FREE with our 60 day trial period!
  • InfiniteGraph 3.2 performance enhancements include:
    • Accelerated Ingest Enhancements
    • Navigation Query – New and Improved
    • Database-Wide Query
    • Visualizer Improvements
    • Lucene Indexing Enhancements
    • Updated Tinkerpop Blueprints Implementation
    • Critical Bug Fixes
  • Expand as needed with flexible pricing and license options:
    • Pay as you go: Runtime, usage-based “node and edge bundles” start at less than $5,000.
    • Unit or Site Licensing: Site or per-core pricing is optimal for larger or classified environments.
  • For more technical information please visit InfiniteGraph’s Wiki Page: IG Wiki
  • Volume discounts available to OEM/VAR. Contact us for more information.