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The Distributed Graph Database

InfiniteGraph enables organizations to achieve greater return on their data related investment by helping them “connect the dots” on a global scale, ask deeper and more complex questions, across new or existing data stores.

There is no other graph technology available today, offered by any other commercial vendor or open source project, that can match InfiniteGraph’s combined strengths of persisting and traversing complex relationships requiring multiple hops, across vast and distributed data stores.



Extremely scalable graph database solution that distributes the processing load in the most efficient way for applications.


Simplified access to data enables improved analysis and decision support, while rich and flexible annotation is available for edges as first-class objects.

Cost Effective

Lowers the total cost of ownership by reducing the need for data movement and transformations.

Powerful Navigation

Query the graph through a powerful navigation API, maximizing efficiency by running queries where data is stored.

Working with InfiniteGraph

InfiniteGraph is a comprehensive solution that can help you achieve your objectives, but which also requires a familiarity with design, development, deployment and administrative practices common to this technology. Several options are available to aid you and your technical teams throughout this evaluation and learning process.

Contact us for information on how we can support your POC and provide you with a free trial download of our software.