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InfiniteGraph 3.2 Features & Capabilities


Accelerated Ingest Enhancements

Redesigned and improved accelerated ingest offers usability enhancements.

  • Customize the rate of processing by pipeline agents by adjusting the number of pipeline tasks processed by the agent at any time 
  • Tune performance by monitoring the detailed logging information provided by the monitor agent

Navigation Query – New and Improved

Powerful enhancements to navigation-query make finding the data you need faster and easier than ever.

  • Benefit from enhanced Path Qualification using Path-Match Predicates:
    • Create predicates representing path fragments using new operators that support an intuitive path-match syntax
    • Qualify a path based on a particular series of hops or partial hops
    • Perform path filtering by excluding or including a path on a graph view instance by providing a path-match predicate string
  • Negate a given qualifier using the new built-in NOT Qualifier
  • Retrieve edges on highly connected vertices using new methods on the vertex class
  •  Learn more by trying the new sample demonstrating the path-match syntax

 Database-Wide Query

  • Use PQL variables inside a predicate string in your database-wide query object, which lets you reuse the query object to search for different qualified instances
  • Get a count of all elements that satisfy a query by calling getCount on the Query class

Visualizer Improvements

Visualizer enhancements make it easier to view, analyze, query and discover data within your graph.

  • Display a random portion of your graph in the Visualizer or open an existing or new connection with the configuration you want using the new  Setup Connection dialog
  • Drag and drop a starting vertex then enter path-match predicates and execute a navigation query
  • Select stored graph views or policy chains to further optimize the query

Lucene Indexing Enhancements

Updated Tinkerpop Blueprints Implementation

Critical Bug Fixes

Unlimited nodes and edges free for 60 days.

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InfiniteGraph 3.1 Features & Capabilities

  • Faster Path Finding
    Provides dramatically improved search results when finding paths between two known objects by leveraging a two-way path finding algorithm.
  • Ingest Enhancements
    InfiniteGraph 3.1 offers up to 25% improved ingest performance over previous versions.
  • Visualizer Improvements
    The InfiniteGraph Visualizer provides users with additional ease-of-use and quick start functionality for visualizing and navigating the graph.
  • Storing Graph Views and Navigation Policy Chains
    Navigation policies, which customize the behavior of a navigation query, and graph views, which define a subset of a graph database for a navigation query, can now be saved in your graph database for later reuse.
  • Unlimited nodes and edges free for 60 days.

InfiniteGraph 3.0 Features & Capabilities

  • Enhanced Placement Manager
    Faster querying through flexible placement algorithms – “Local Graphs” can be physically co-located to dramatically improve traversal speeds. Index performance also increases significantly.
  • Distributed Parallel Navigation
    InfiniteGraph is the fastest, infinitely scalable, RAM and disk-based graph database on the market. High performance query servers with advanced caching distribute navigation workload automatically.
  • Graph View
    A flexible filtering mechanism allowing for even faster search results. Queries are able to “infer” a path will be unsuccessful by referring to a pre-compiled view of only the data that is relevant to the navigation.
  • Navigation Policies
    Predefined policies for controlling behavioral aspects of a navigation.
  • Unlimited nodes and edges free for 60 days.

InfiniteGraph 2.1 Features & Capabilities

  • Plugin Framework
    InfiniteGraph’s new Plugin Framework provides developers with the ultimate in flexibility. The Framework supports the creation, import, and repeated use of plugins that modularize useful functionality. Now developers can leverage successful queries, simply change the parameters when appropriate, test queries and gain results in minutes. Two kinds of plugins are supported. A navigator plugin bundles components that assist in navigation queries, such as result qualifiers, path qualifiers, and guides. The Formatter plugin formats and outputs results of graph queries. These plugins can be loaded and used in the InfiniteGraph Visualizer, as well as reused in InfiniteGraph applications.
  • Enhanced IG Visualizer
    The advanced Visualizer is now tightly integrated with InfiniteGraph’s Plugin Framework allowing indexing queries for edges, the Formatter plugin framework export GraphML and JSON (built-in) or other user defined plugin formats. The Visualizer also allows users to easily load plugins with enhanced control and navigation. Developers can parameterize plugins to control runtime behavior. Now every part of the graph is fully customizable and delivers a sophisticated result display for each query.
  • Support for Tinkerpop Blueprints
    Tinkerpop Blueprints are very popular in the development community and provide a number of templates that can be used on any graph database. A database that implements Blueprints can serve as the backend for any Blueprints-enabled application or software. InfiniteGraph provides a clean integration with Blueprints that is well suited for applications that want to traverse and query graph databases using Gremlin.

InfiniteGraph 1.2 Features & Capabilities

New parallel data loading and non-blocking ingest

Import and continuously feed applications with massive amounts of data from numerous, multiple input streams, faster.

InfiniteGraph 1.2 includes a new feature designed specifically to support eventually consistent, non-blocking bulk loading of data to update and continuously feed live applications with massive amounts of data from numerous, multiple input streams, faster. InfiniteGraph leverages parallel use of distributed storage and processing, to provide a pipeline queuing and management system that enables developers to perform massively parallel ingest on data from any number of processes and data streams, while significantly reducing locking contention. This is a big issue for many organizations in this situation, and InfiniteGraph solves the problem while yielding great performance.

Connecting edges and vertices in a single thread can only be done at a certain pace. And when trying to update data from several sources, the application often has to deal with expensive (from a performance perspective) issues of locking contention. Single stream ingest is perfectly fine for deployments where data needs to go through several processes before its nodes and edges are connected, and made completely consistent before any reads will occur. This single threaded option is also available to developers in InfiniteGraph.

For other applications where ingest performance is a critical requirements, InfiniteGraph enables exceptional results through parallel ingest and parallel processing of data, even on commodity hardware, allowing organizations to get the results they require, while also leveraging significant infrastructure cost efficiencies.

  • Flexible placement
    Organizations can tune their graph data placement for optimal performance.

InfiniteGraph 1.2 can be custom tailored, particularly in the area of data import and ingest operations, to take advantage of the placement of your distributed data and resources. This effectively gives organizations the ability tune their graph data for optimal performance.

  • Enhanced indexingDevelopers have complete flexibility in choosing the indexing option that best supports their needs, ranging from automatic indexing to manual options that can speed performance by 20x.InfiniteGraph 1.2 provides faster query and ingest (import) options, with multiple indexing capabilities to give developers complete flexibility in choosing the option that best supports their needs. These indexing options range from automatic to manual indexing, with the latest indexing capabilities yielding a 20x improvement in performance.
  • InfiniteGraph Data VisualizerAssists developers in viewing, verifying and testing their data models; is customizable to their models, and understands the types within their data.New to InfiniteGraph 1.2, the InfiniteGraph data visualizer was designed specifically to assist developers in viewing, verifying and testing their data models. The Data Visualizer is customizable to users’ models, and understands the types in their data. Users can configure the Data Visualizer to respond differently to different types of information, and processes users’ code directly for better performance and the most accurate view of the data and models.
  • Other enhancements:
    • Logging – Improved SLF4J logging infrastructure supports complete integration with standard Java logging back ends
    • Faster graph processing
    • Range querying

InfiniteGraph 1.1 Features & Capabilities

Release 1.1: New indexing options and improved performance

This second post-beta release included a new indexing framework, giving users greater performance on indexing, data ingest and lookups. The improvements help users more quickly develop and deploy with InfiniteGraph, to process larger graph datasets and collections containing billions of relationships.


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