Contributed by Graham Freeman, Managing Director Asia Pacific Region - Our plans for expansion into Asia/Pacific are now well on track to drive toward initial growth objectives and expand our customer reach. A key element of our strategy has been to identify Strategic Partners who can help develop new applications that are specifically focused on the needs of customers in this Region. Our new Partners need to have a combination of skills to handle the business development, programming, consulting and support that our customer require.

On a recent trip to Japan to meet with potential Partners, the interest in Big Data/NOSQL solutions and the Cloud was extraordinary. Our timing could not have been better. The combination of Objectivity/DB and InfiniteGraph seem to hit the mark where the traditional, relational DB products struggle with scale and performance in this new, testing environment. As we continue to build Partnerships in SE Asia, Japan and Australia I fully expect that we can scale the business quickly to match the demands from our client base. While we can leverage our successes in the US and EMEA, it won’t be long before some of our early systems implementations in these markets may well provide a lead for similar solutions to be deployed in other parts of the world.

We head back to Singapore and Japan next week and given the growing number of requests for meetings, I have no doubt we will pave the way for an excellent run through year end 2012 and build a strong pipeline for opportunities in 2013 and beyond.