Social Times: Why Developers and Brands Need Real-Time Understanding of Customer Data

Azam Khan of Social Times has posted this write-up about the importance of real-time analysis across complex data and the relationships within. InfiniteGraph is unique in its ability to handle the kinds of use cases referenced in this piece. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Notable quotes:In today’s mobile-driven climate, the importance of real-time analysis cannot be underestimated. … Traditional data analysis technologies were designed around central-server architectures (one big database machine) that were the once the norm… 30 years ago. InfiniteGraph takes all the heavy lifting for developing these sophisticated graphing (network and relationship analysis) models. It doesn’t matter if a customer has one terabyte of data split between two machines, or exabytes of data spread across thousands of machines, they notice a dramatic improvement in query performance. This sort of analysis can be done in a matter of seconds with InfiniteGraph when it would take hours at the very least using traditional databases and SQL queries.




InfiniteGraph’s Distributed Advantage. Time is Money.

InfiniteGraph’s Distributed Advantage. Time is Money.

InfiniteGraph helps customers find the valuable relationships within their data. Our product is unique in its ability to leverage distributed data and processes, which yields reduced time and costs while maximizing overall performance on big data.

InfiniteGraph allows applications to distribute both the ingest (data loading) and processing tasks across virtually any number of servers and processes, in a near linear and predictable ratio.

Loading (ingesting) 1,000,000,000 nodes and edges:

Time is money.

  • InfiniteGraph’s distributed capabilities can achieve virtually any process requirement.
  • InfiniteGraph’s distributed processing power works across virtually unlimited data sources.
  • Performance results, scalability and hardware requirements are predictable.
  • InfiniteGraph supports advanced enterprise, government, and web-scale requirements.
  • InfiniteGraph works on virtualized cloud environments, commodity or specialized hardware.

InfiniteGraph’s predictable data loading (ingest) performance

Chart - InfiniteGraph Ingest Performance

Connecting the dots, in the real world.

The great thing about InfiniteGraph is that you don’t need to throw out or replace your existing databases. InfiniteGraph can act as the primary data store if needed, and was built on a virtually infinitely scalable data core – but we also “play nice” with the other technologies. Our customers use InfiniteGraph to leverage data they already have, and are collecting every day into existing systems. They use InfiniteGraph to extend their system capabilities to answer questions that support complex analysis, intelligence, real-time decision support, and big data analytics.

Value in relationships.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter and others have proven that significant value exists in the deeper relationships between objects (people, things, activities, location, etc.). Data that contains objects and relationships is known as a “graph” or graph data, and organizations seeking to build real-time systems and decision-support services to exploit this valuable information are turning to InfiniteGraph for help.


InfiniteGraph is a distributed graph database designed to help organizations get to the deeper meaning from all kinds of data, even if it’s unstructured, and even data from other databases.

Among graph database products we are unique in our massive scalability, distributed ingest and processing capabilities. The primary reason we have this capability is because of our extensive experience serving customer and application requirements that most other companies could not even imagine.

Objectivity, Inc. (the company behind InfiniteGraph) builds data technologies that can perform and scale. This is part of our company’s DNA, and comes from many years and a proven history enabling leading and mission-critical enterprise and government systems.

Most of our customers have use-case scenarios that involve lots of distributed data, and which require real-time and massively parallel processes that enable the system to give answers back to countless clients in real-time, seconds or minutes. Not hours.

InfiniteGraph use-cases include…

  • Network management and telecommunications
  • Next generation government and business intelligence
  • Social CRM applications supporting enterprise sales and marketing
  • Bioinformatics, genomics, scientific research
  • Real time relationship analytics and social network analysis
  • Real-time recommendation, advertising and location-aware services
  • Cyber security, crime prevention, predictive analytics and fraud detection
  • Logistics and operations

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We look forward to answering any question you may have.

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Meet Nigeria’s Budding Mark Zuckerberg (an InfiniteGraph customer featured on Forbes)

Meet Nigeria’s Budding Mark Zuckerberg (an InfiniteGraph customer featured on Forbes)

Congratulations to Gossy Ukanwoke, CEO and founder of Students Circle Network, on his interview and feature article with Forbes! Gossy is building parts of his educational network using InfiniteGraph, and was one of our first customers.

Gossy Ukanwoke, a 23-year old Nigerian Internet entrepreneur, has embarked on creating a different type of social network. His tech startup, Students Circle, fuses a social feature with a rich database of over 10,000 academic resources- notes, essays, past assignments and tutorials. – Forbes (Sept 30, 2011)

Gossy Ukanwoke, CEO, Students Circle

Gossy Ukanwoke, CEO, Students Circle

“Students Circle Network – the academic social network — is uniquely bringing together the worlds of social connection, media and education to a single platform thereby allowing students, teachers and institutions connect without bounds. We are currently making over 10,000 resources available for free.” – Gossy Ukanwoke, CEO, Students Circle

Read the entire Forbes feature on Gossy Ukanwoke here.




InfiniteGraph, Objectivity, Inc. to Sponsor 8th Annual ‘NCO (Network Centric Operations) Asia 2011’ Event

The company will be highlighting its support for intelligence and network analysis at this event, focused on network centric capabilities within regional militaries and civil defence forces.

For Immediate Release:

Sunnyvale, CA – September 27, 2011 — Objectivity, Inc., the company behind data management, object persistence and relationship analytics technologies enabling leading-edge government and enterprise systems, announced today its sponsorship of the 8th annual Network Centric Operations (NCO) Asia 2011 conference and exposition. The event, representing more than a dozen coalition nations, and focused on command and control (C2), intelligence analysis, reconnaissance, and battlefield systems interoperability, is hosted by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA), and will be held in Singapore on 5 & 6 October, 2011.

According to IDGA representatives, “The need for real time intelligence and communication has never been as important as the present. With the developments in information technology, the need for a ‘system of systems’ has come in the picture, not just for militaries but also from civil defence.”

Objectivity has established a reputation in the network centric operations community for its technologies, which enable government military and intelligence analysts and mission-critical applications to ingest and process large volumes of data with low latency in distributed environments. The company’s products, which include Objectivity/DB, a distributed and massively scalable data an object management system, and InfiniteGraph, the distributed graph database designed around complex network analysis, support some of the world’s most complex command and control, and intelligence analysis systems.

Leon Guzenda, Objectivity, Inc. company founder and leading expert in data management technologies, will be hosting a discussion titled “Processing Complex Relationships And Graph Data In Network Centric Operations And Warfare”, with an emphasis on the benefits of Objectivity’s InfiniteGraph product, on the first day of the NCO Asia 2011 conference.

Objectivity, Inc. will also be exhibiting at the conference. Attendees are encouraged to visit company representatives at their booth to learn more about Objectivity, Inc., their distributed graph and relationship analysis database, InfiniteGraph, and to view demonstrations of their technology.

About NCO Asia 2011
Network Centric Operations (NCO) Asia 2011, taking place October 5-6, 2011 at the Hotel Fort Canning in Singapore, is the among the most popular Asia-based events focused on network centric capabilities while also providing an expert forum for high level C4ISR leaders. For more information on the conference, visit

About Objectivity, Inc.
Objectivity, Inc. simplifies complex data enabling organizations to discover hidden relationships and develop applications with significant advantages and technical cost savings, achieving greater return on data related investments.

InfiniteGraph is a unique distributed, massively scalable, graph database that facilitates large-scale, fast graph processing, data analytics and discovery of information around mission critical enterprise requirements by connecting the dots on a global scale. The company’s core data technology, Objectivity/DB, provides distributed and scalable data and object management.

Objectivity, Inc. is committed to their customers’ success. The company has offices and representatives worldwide, and works directly with organizations, integrators and technical teams to recommend solutions and support options specifically tailored to each customer’s project and technical requirements. Please contact Objectivity, Inc. online or call (408) 992-7100 for more information.

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We’re extending the InfiniteGraph Developer Contest deadline!

Hi everyone!

Due to popular demand, we are extending the submission deadline for the InfiniteGraph Developer Contest! We’re giving everyone a little more time to finish their work. Contest submissions are now due Monday, October 17 (about three weeks from today).

Check out some of the great ideas and proposals we’ve received so far — see the Comments under our contest announcement video on YouTube, here.

For all those who are getting ready to write their contest entry code, here are some important links and notes to help you get all the information and answers you need about InfiniteGraph:

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ve asked everyone to provide us with code and instructions so we can run the applications/demonstrations ourselves — but contact us if you need to make other special arrangements regarding the demonstration of your entry. Please let me know if you need any other assistance. We look forward to receiving your contest submissions!

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