Backing up your InfiniteGraph database is recommended to recover from catastrophic events like disk failure, and from logical or physical corruptions.   This documents goes over some basic backup and restore tasks using the oobackup and oorestore tools.


InfiniteGraph allows full read and write access during the backup process.  However, during a restore, only the federated database is locked until the entire restore is completed.  A typical backup strategy involves a full backup followed by periodic incremental and subincremental backups.  These backup levels can also be used to specify a point of restore.

Backup Levels:

  • Full - The entire database is backed up.
  • Incremental - All modified data since the last full backup.
  • Subincremental - All modified data since the most recent incremental backup.

Backup Sets:

A backup set is a logical grouping of a single full backup, and any incremental and subincremental backups that are based on it.

Performing a Backup

The basic way to back up a federated database is to:
1.  Run oocleanup to ensure that locks left by any incomplete transactions are released.
2. Run oobackup with an option specifying the backup level (-full, -incremental, or -subincremental), the -destination option specifying the directory for the backup files, and the backupBootFilePath for the federated database

Example 1:  Performing a full backup

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
oobackup -full -destination /backups /data/InfiniteGraph/TestGraph.boot

Example 2:  Performing an incremental backup after the full backup

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
oobackup -incremental -destination /backups /data/InfiniteGraph/TestGraph.boot

Performing a Restore

There are a few ways to perform a restore.  One is to specify a timestamp as a point of restore:


[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
oorestore -time 200102060330 -source /backups -newhost machine42 -newdirectory /mnt/newloc TestGraph.boot

The second is to restore a particular volume from a particular backup set.  See the oocreateset command for creation of a custom backup set.


This command restores the mfgFd federated database from the Monday backup,  which is a member of the dailyBackups backup set. The restored files are  placed on the hosts and directories from which they were archived.

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
oorestore -set dailyBackups -backup Monday -volume fdbVol -device /backups TestGraph.boot

This command restores the same federated database as the previous command, but restores it to the directory /mnt/newloc on host machine42.

[sourcecode gutter=”false”]
oorestore -set dailyBackups -backup Monday -volume fdbVol -device /backups -newhost machine42 -newdirectory /mnt/newloc TestGraph.boot


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