Objectivity/DB: Improved Upgrade

Objectivity/DB 10.0 improves and speeds upgrade tasks, including changing from a 32-bit to a 64-bit representation on disk, all while the federation can remain online.

Objectivity occasionally upgrades the format of the system data structures or the schema used within Objectivity/DB. This can sometimes entail an upgrade of existing federations, at the metadata, database, container or page level. In many applications it is not feasible to take data offline while a whole federation is converted. Objectivity/DB 10.0 has an improved upgrade tool that can accomplish one-time tasks, such as upgrading catalog formats from pre-9.0 format to 9.0+ format, or changing from a 32-bit to a 64-bit representation on disk, while the federation is online.

Objectivity, Inc. Receives 2011 Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Award

On Tuesday, January 25, 2011, Objectivity, Inc. was presented with the NCW 2011 Award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Network Centric Operations”, by the The Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA), during the NCW 2011 10th annual network centric warfare training conference and exposition.

IDGA’s NCW Awards have been established to honor, recognize, and promote initiatives in the US Department of Defense, Coalition Governments, and Defense Industry that exemplify the principles of network-centric operations and support information age transformation. IDGA enlists a distinguished panel of defense sector leaders to evaluate the network-centric innovations that support our military operations. According to IDGA, winners exemplify the best in current initiatives and set new standards of excellence for incorporating this transformational concept into future work for the Department of Defense and its partners.

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How To Use A Graph Database to Integrate And Analyze Relational Exports

Contributed by Todd Stavish, Chief Systems Engineer for Objectivity, Inc.

Graph databases can be used to analyze data from disparate datasources. In this use-case, three relational databases have been exported to CSV. Each relational export is ingested into its own sharded sub-graph to increase performance and avoid lock contention when merging the datasets.

Visit Todd Stavish’s Blog for the  full article


Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 4.0, Introduces an Advanced, Data-driven, Graphics Architecture and Integration With InfiniteGraph

The Tom Sawyer release of Perspectives 4.0, integrates with Objectivity’s graph database, InfiniteGraph, and offers advanced, data-driven, graphics architecture with greater flexibility at run-time to enhance the user experience for both building and using visualization and analysis applications. To read the full announcement visit Tom Sawyer Software.

InfiniteGraph Tutorial: Prescription Analytics (National Drug Code, NDC)

The Prescription Analytics tutorial  shows how InfiniteGraph is able to ingest drug data from the FDA’s National Drug Code (NDC) directory, creates fictitious patient information, and runs sample programs to determine whether a patient with particular allergies can safely take a particular drug. For more information on additional sample applications visit the InfiniteGraph Wiki. To download the free version of InfiniteGraph and try this out on your own visit our download page!

InfiniteGraph Prescription Analytics Tutorial [Click to download]