InfiniteGraph Enables Development of Next-Gen Applications that Connect the Dots on a Global Scale.

Sunnyvale, CA – August 16, 2011 – InfiniteGraph, the number one commercial, distributed and scalable graph database, is today announcing its commercial release. InfiniteGraph enables a new, cost effective and efficient way of navigating multiple types of databases for discovery of deeper and more relevant intelligence, with real-time decision support. By being able to understand deeper, more complex relationships within existing and new data, companies can leverage social network analysis and business intelligence to achieve greater efficiencies and competitive advantage. InfiniteGraph can support any number of applications and systems around the analysis of relationships in big data, and does all of this across any number and size of data volumes, in real-time.

InfiniteGraph’s New and Leading Customers

Early adopters were given free access to the initial beta and 1.x releases of InfiniteGraph, which they used to develop, test and prove their advanced application concepts.

Just over one year later, InfiniteGraph today is being used to build next-generation and mission critical systems in government, enterprise and large scale online ventures. Applications include real-time and location-aware web and mobile advertising platforms, military operations planning and mission assurance, and advanced healthcare and patient records management. Our government business includes some of the largest U.S. government integrators, defense contractors, and government agencies. Our commercial and enterprise customers include the world’s fourth largest online advertising platform, one of the largest independent mobile ad networks and IPL, an IT services company specializing in the delivery of intelligent business solutions.

“This new commercial graph database is unique because it can massively scale based on its distributed and proven database architecture. A testament to this unique advantage is that we’re launching the commercial release of InfiniteGraph with signed customers, who are respected leaders in their market segments,” stated Jay Jarrell, president and CEO at Objectivity, Inc. “With InfiniteGraph, users are able to quickly and efficiently connect the dots on a global scale – enabling optimal decision support from legacy systems and services. In this first commercial release of InfiniteGraph, there is access to a free supported download of the database up to a million nodes and edges, as well as a robust list of improved features.”

InfiniteGraph New Performance Features and Improved Capabilities

InfiniteGraph offers multiple new features and enhanced capabilities for customers mining relationships and connections in their big data.

New features and benefits in the commercial release of InfiniteGraph consist of:

  • New parallel data loading and accelerated ingest - mport and continuously feed applications with massive amounts of data from numerous, multiple input streams, faster.
  • Flexible placement - Organizations can tune their graph data placement for optimal performance.
  • Enhanced indexing - Developers have complete flexibility in choosing the indexing option that best supports their needs, ranging from automatic indexing to manual options that can speed performance by 20x.
  • InfiniteGraph Data Visualizer - Assists developers in viewing, verifying and testing their data models; is customizable to their models, and understands the types within their data.
  • Other Enhancements - Improved SLF4J logging infrastructure support for complete integration with standard logging back ends. Additionally, InfiniteGraph 2.0 supports faster graph processing and expanded range querying.

“In the commercial version of InfiniteGraph, we continued our emphasis on performance and increased product usability. InfiniteGraph now offers multiple ingest and parallel processing capability improvements that leverages the distributed processing strengths of the product to a greater degree,” said Darren Wood, InfiniteGraph’s lead architect.

Availability and Pricing

InfiniteGraph is commercially available and offered in several licensing options starting with an online download to develop and deploy at no cost up to one million nodes and edges, available at: The company is offering technologists the ability to develop and deploy their proof-of-concept ideas without budgetary restrictions. This offer also includes limited online support in addition to access to the InfiniteGraph support Wiki at:

InfiniteGraph is licensed on a “pay as you scale” or usage-based model which allows organizations to expand their storage capacity as needed. This type of usage-based pricing is often ideal and very cost effective for many organizations. For those with very large or classified deployments, or that need pricing optimized for their particular environments, the company offers site licenses as well as per-core, server, unit or concurrent user quotations as well.

InfiniteGraph is ideal for Java developers on 32 and 64-bit Linux, Windows and Mac OS/X 64-bit, and will also work in most virtualized cloud environments including Amazon EC2, GoGrid and RightScale.

About InfiniteGraph
InfiniteGraph, a product of Objectivity, is a unique distributed, scalable, NOSQL graph database enabling large-scale, fast graph processing, data analytics and discovery of information around mission critical enterprise requirements. Organizations use InfiniteGraph to discover complex relationships in data and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages, technical cost savings and achieve greater return on data related investments by connecting the dots on a global scale.

About Objectivity, Inc.
Objectivity, Inc. simplifies complex data enabling organizations to discover hidden relationships and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings, achieving greater return on data related investments. The company’s core data technology, Objectivity/DB, provides distributed and scalable data and object management.

Objectivity, Inc. is committed to their customers’ success. The company has offices and representatives worldwide, and works directly with organizations, integrators and technical teams to recommend solutions and support options specifically tailored to each customer’s project and technical requirements. Please contact Objectivity, Inc. online or call (408) 992-7100 for more information.

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