The properties file allows users to set the object placement strategy within the database.  The following shows an example entry in the properties file with regard to MultipleDatabasePlacement placement strategy:

# Placement Strategy

A GraphDatabase federation may have upto 65535 databases, each of which can have upto 65535 containers.  The MultipleDatabasePlacement placement strategy requires a configuration string (the second line in the example above).  The ConfigString is a comma separated string where each comma separated entry denotes a database, along with it’s host server (optional), filepath (optional), and number of containers (required).  The hostname and path are not required, as theThe format of the configuration string is as follows:



Example 1. Two databases in the default location with 10 containers each:


Example 2. Two databases in the default location with 10 containers each, and one database on a remote server with 30 containers: