Objectivity’s Support for the COVID-19 Response

  • Objectivity, Inc. stands ready to support the global COVID-19 response.
  • Objectivity specializes in distributed cloud-scale databases for high-speed and complex relationship analytics.
  • Objectivity database engineers will help you meet your complex data challenges using our unique skills and world-class products.
  • With our proven track record in both public and private sector complex data projects, we can help you find solutions faster.
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On demand webinar: Using Data to Accelerate Contact Tracing

Example Use Cases


Reducing the Time for Drug Discovery

The initial phase for typical drug discovery takes 1.2 years. Specifically, the process of researching the relationships between molecules and biology in order to decide what to pursue is a computationally intensive process. With Objectivity’s ability to do deep-link analysis of biological data, Objectivity helped reduce this discovery time down to less than 1 week. Open source technologies could not handle the scale, performance requirements, or even do the link analysis queries.


Call Detail Records Analysis for Decision Support

Deep link analysis within Call Detail Records (CDR) to track and uncover the social interactions of people to discover new intelligence and how they interact within the community for decision support. In a sample use case the data set used by Objectivity included 5 million Persons, 20 million Phones, 10 Billion Calls. Very deep navigational queries executing across data sets in excess of 10 billion nodes are some of the most difficult queries for any database platform to perform. Objectivity is proven to:


  1. Do deep link analysis (graph), complex queries at scale (beyond billions of connections)
  2. Perform relational data queries at speed and scale
  3. To handle the scale required of operational systems with being able to perform queries across data sets in excess of 10 billion nodes