Darren Wood, lead developer of InfiniteGraph is conducting a session titled “Scaling the Social Graph in the Cloud” at GlueCon 2010, a developers conference being held in Colorado this week. The session is scheduled for May 27, from 10:45 to 11:00 a.m. The discussion will examine the technical challenges involved in “walking the graph,” traversing relationships separated by five or more degrees across extremely large graph datasets in the cloud.

“Finding deep connections in large volumes of data are extremely challenging problems for application developers and system architects,” Wood said, “We’re looking forward to discussing the various approaches with this technical and developer audience at the GlueCon event.”

Darren Wood is the lead developer and architect InfiniteGraph, and has spent the majority of his career architecting and building distributed systems with an emphasis on elastic scalability and data management.

Darren and some of the Infinitegraph team will be on the GlueCon expo floor as well, in booth 16. Feel free to stop by and ask them any questions!