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Objectivity, Inc. Reports Strong Financials and Continues to Help Solve Complex Graph Data Challenges


San Jose, CA, January 14, 2020 - Objectivity, Inc., a leader in enterprise database software platforms for critical, operational, real-time data and sensor fusion systems, announced a profit and increase in revenue for the first half of fiscal year 2020 ending December 31, 2019.  “Objectivity is pleased to announce profitability for its first half of fiscal 2020.  With revenue increasing 23% over the same period last year, cash and receivables growing by 24% year-over-year, and deferred revenue up 51% year-over-year,  Objectivity has a strong foundation and is optimistic going into the second half of fiscal year 2020,” stated Gary Lewis, CFO of Objectivity, Inc.


Objectivity’s core technology also continues to provide a strong foundation for mission critical applications.  Recently, a national laboratory saw significant performance gains in drug discovery by using Objectivity’s ThingSpan. Open source technologies could not handle the scale and performance requirements and failed to discover the deep linkages through multiple degrees of separations. “One of the early phases of drug discovery for this customer typically takes approximately 1.2 years. Specifically, the process of researching the relationships between molecules and biology in order to decide what to pursue is a computationally intensive process. With Objectivity’s ability to do deep-link analysis of biological data, Objectivity exceeded their requirements and helped reduce the discovery time down to less than one week,” said Brian Clark, Vice President of Products at Objectivity, Inc.


ThingSpan is a distributed graph database management system for discovering new intelligence for the most demanding performance requirements at massive speed and scale.  ThingSpan is available for on-premise use, in the AWS Marketplace, and in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

About Objectivity

Objectivity, Inc. delivers massively scalable and highly performant enterprise software platforms that are proven to power mission-critical applications for the most demanding and complex datasets. With a rich history of serving Global 1000 customers and partners, Objectivity holds deep domain expertise in fusing vital information from massive volumes of data and sources to discover unknown connections at speed and scale. Objectivity’s technology enables enterprises to make better decisions with precision, scale and efficiency. Objectivity is privately held with headquarters in San Jose, California. 


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