In today’s complex financial and competitive economic times, business and public-sector IT leaders have found that harnessing the disruptive power of “Big Data” represents a significant opportunity to connect organizations with customers and markets that can no longer be ignored.  Driven by a common theme - the need to analyze and act on customer and market feedback, faster - big data projects have been on the rise.  While economic uncertainty and government austerity continue, business strategies are attenuating naturally to both the combination of growth and operational efficiency pulling CIOs in multiple directions.  By focusing on customers and the customer experience, effective leaders are reconciling these potentially conflicting goals through their proactive leadership in big data deployments.

Big data as a disruptive force is also driving technology innovation at all levels of information management and analysis. By sweeping away the current limitations derived from data constraints and exploiting a growing universe of publicly available data from external sources, new information-based products and services are emerging with the potential to accelerate enterprise growth.  Which technologies are most important for these objectives?  In what ways do they provide real advantages-and when is it better to integrate, if not stick with existing BI, analytics, and data warehousing strategies?
Our spring meeting will explore what IT leaders are doing to proactively implement big data solutions and how they are doing it.  Several industry leaders will share their strategies and experiences.  The session will conclude with a panel discussion among the speakers, followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

Event Speakers:
David Campbell, Technical Fellow, Microsoft
Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan, CEO & Founder, ClearStory Data
Randi Levin, GM & CTO, City of LA
Steve Kovsky, Contributing Editor, Information Week

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