The InfiniteGraph team is excited to announce the availability of the InfiniteGraph 0.8 beta installer and documentation. InfiniteGraph provides uniquely distributed capabilities and virtually unlimited scalability, and we are interested in getting your input on this first public beta release.

To participate in the beta program and obtain more information, visit The InfiniteGraph team also provides frequent updates to developers via their community blogs and Twitter.

InfiniteGraph Release Highlights:

  • This first public beta release includes fully distributed capabilities, and an addressing scheme that supports virtually unlimited scalability.
  • InfiniteGraph 0.8 beta supports Java programmers, on 32-bit Linux and Windows platforms. Support for 64-bit Linux, Windows and Mac platforms, and a C# language binding are also slated for upcoming releases.
  • The InfiniteGraph 1.0 RTM and GA public releases are planned for later in July.

During the beta period, the developer community is encouraged to participate in the public discussions on our Beta Program blog, and provide input to our development team. To get started, register for the beta program, and obtain the installer and documentation, simply go to

We would also like to take a moment to thank everyone for the great response we have received from our public request for participants in our beta program and we are very excited to hear what you have to say. We are soliciting feedback over the next several weeks during InfiniteGraph’s beta period and will be using your input to further improve and evolve our product in support of your requirements.

Beta Program Resources:

  • General questions, use case examples and other information that may be of benefit to the community may be posted to our Beta Program blog. Our Community blogs have been setup to provide an interactive forum where beta participants may post questions to our team or other users.
  • Any issues that may require direct technical support or assistance may be emailed to support.
  • We’ll also be keeping users posted on beta product updates and information, through our Support blog, which includes a changelog, known issues and frequently asked questions threads.

We look forward to your feedback!

The InfiniteGraph Team