InfiniteGraph has just released a new set of 0.9 beta installers, which now includes support for 64-bit Linux and Windows platforms, along with another new feature: weighted edges!

InfiniteGraph 0.9 Release Highlights:

  • InfiniteGraph 0.9 beta is now available for 64-bit Linux and Windows platforms.
  • New feature: Weighted edges! Find the shortest or specific paths to the solution. The possible applications and technology solutions enabled by this feature alone, are virtually endless.

Other Beta Product Features:

  • InfiniteGraph already includes fully distributed capabilities, and an addressing scheme that supports virtually unlimited scalability.
  • InfiniteGraph supports Java programmers, and application development on 32-bit and now 64-bit Linux and Windows platforms. Note: Support for the Mac platform, and a C# language binding are also slated for upcoming releases.
  • The InfiniteGraph 1.0 RTM and GA public releases are planned for late July, 2010.

Also, a reminder about available beta program resources:

  • Direct technical support is available to beta participants. Click here to register.
  • Comments or suggestions? Use our new Feedback Form.
  • Feel free to ask questions of other users and experts by submitting comments to the User Forums category of our public blogs. This is a great area for general questions, use case examples and other information that may be of benefit to the community.
  • Beta product updates and information are always posted to our Support Blog, which includes changelog, frequently asked questions, and other threads

Thank you again for your interest and excitement about our new product. We’ve really appreciated all the input and comments!

The InfiniteGraph Team