New options and updates will significantly improve speed of applications developed on InfiniteGraph, the distributed graph database.

For immediate release — Sunnyvale, CA — Feb. 4, 2011InfiniteGraph today announced the release of version 1.1 of their distributed graph database, with a new indexing framework that gives users greater performance on indexing, data ingest and lookups. The improvements will help developers more quickly develop and deploy with InfiniteGraph, to process larger graph datasets and collections containing billions of relationships.

The InfiniteGraph roadmap continues to emphasize performance and support for the requirements of developers and system architects who are leading enterprise and mission-critical government projects. In the six months since InfiniteGraph concluded its beta phase and released the first GA version of the product, the InfiniteGraph team has been gathering valuable feedback and use cases from evaluators. Much of this feedback has centered around the importance of indexing performance and the limitations of other indexing mechanisms.

The organizations currently looking at InfiniteGraph, are doing so because they understand how this technology could help them get to the real value they seek — the fast analysis of the relationships within their data” says Darren Wood, InfiniteGraph’s chief architect. “There are other graph products available today, but what is drawing developers and architects to InfiniteGraph, is our focus on performance and the requirements at the higher end of systems and use cases our company has a long history of solving.

InfiniteGraph’s graph processing strengths are well suited to many applications, including those in intelligence, internet systems and services around social media, location based networking and personalization, discovering networks of people that have business, influence or other value, analysis of financial transactions to detect and prevent fraud, and in adding new capabilities to enterprise business intelligence (BI) systems.

InfiniteGraph’s plans for the future

The InfiniteGraph team is planning at least three major releases over the next three quarters, and is also working with key evaluators and developers at every stage of InfiniteGraph’s evolution and expansion into enterprise and government deployments.

InfiniteGraph’s product roadmap and a series of releases planned for 2011 include additional data ingest improvements, and parallel ingest capabilities to truly leverage the distributed processing strengths of InfiniteGraph. The product team is also working with the open source Blueprints project, to provide an interface to the InfiniteGraph product, and which will enable connections to numerous other tools that aid in graph access, query, analysis and manipulation, including Gremlin (a graph traversal language), and Rexster (which would add a RESTful interface to InfiniteGraph). Faster graph processing, range querying and geo-hashed indexes are also slated for upcoming releases within this same timeframe. Additionally, options will be made available for developers to relax InfiniteGraph’s fully ACID compliant consistency model, to allow reduced contention and significantly speed performance as per the particular application requirements.

About InfiniteGraph

InfiniteGraph is a distributed, scalable graph database and developer API which enables large-scale and fast graph processing, data analytics and discovery in systems and services developed around social networking, business intelligence, scientific research, national security and other advanced, mission critical requirements. InfiniteGraph offers a unique, graph database solution based on a highly-scalable, distributed data persistence technology that has been deployed in some of the most advanced and mission-critical enterprise and government systems in operation today. Organizations can use this solution to discover complex relationships in their data and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings. For more information, visit

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Objectivity, Inc. is a leader in distributed, scalable data management technology, and provides the core technology for InfiniteGraph. The company’s patented distributed data engine and persistent object store is the enabling technology within many markets, powering some of the most complex applications and mission critical systems used in commercial, enterprise, government and research organizations today. Objectivity, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Contact Objectivity, Inc. online at, or call (408) 992-7100 for more information.

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