SUNNYVALE, Calif. — November 15, 2011 — InfiniteGraph, the number one commercial, distributed and scalable graph database, announced today the winners of its latest developer challenge.

InfiniteGraph Developer Contest

The contest challenged developers to create next-generation social and information network analysis applications—whether a better social network or a solution for more relevant advertising and location-based services—leveraging InfiniteGraph’s API.  Final submissions were due before Monday, October 17, 2011.  The first prize winner will be awarded $12,000 worth of Apple products, computer equipment and entertainment gear, with runners-up receiving $1,500 Apple Store gift cards.

Winners include:


(1.) FIRST PRIZE: InfiniteCommits” was developed by William Cheung and allows users of GitHub to quickly obtain useful information that isn’t currently available through the GitHub web interface.  This application uses Play (a rapid Java and Scala web development framework) to generate a report of the most active files in a GitHub repository, while using InfiniteGraph’s Data Visualizer to see the latest changes and notes associated with each change.

GitHub is among the most popular services providing commercial organizations and open source developers with a secure, hosted, Git version control system.  Git was originally developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds, and hosts numerous high profile projects including the Linux kernel, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Diaspora and thousands of other projects, including some originating from the development efforts of Amazon, Facebook and other notable companies.

William Cheung says, “As a busy developer, I often don’t have time to keep up with all the changes in my favorite GitHub projects.  Knowing which files have had the most commits in the last week helps me zero in on the pulse of the project.”

A public screencast tutorial for InfiniteCommits is available here:

(2.) Second prize:  “Find a Safe Home to Live” by Mustafa Musa Ulker and Huseyin Mert.  Anyone looking to buy a new home may also be interested in this application, which allows users to search real estate listings and see a risk score associated with each property.  Using this system, prospective buyers could obtain a complete insight of a home, through the near real-time calculation of risk scores based on state law enforcement and criminal records, crime statistics, environmental data including earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disaster information, traffic and accident statistics, and virtually any other data available.

(3.) Third prize:  “Call Graph Analysis” by Vimal Kumar.  This application is another developer-focused tool that helps analyze “call graphs” extracted from large code-bases.  Call graphs are a basic program analysis result that can be used for human understanding of programs, or as a basis for further analyses, such as an analysis that tracks the flow of values between procedures.

Vimal’s application uses InfiniteGraph to explore millions or billions of lines of code, and then quickly find all the connections and relationships between countless functions contained within the code.  This gives developers the ability to quickly understand and visualize the most complex structures and interactions among different software modules, which is incredibly useful not only in their work, but for training new code contributors, or as a visual aid for debugging and testing purposes.

More details on this entry can be found here:


“The winners of our Developer Challenge were able to build very interesting applications in a very short amount of time, which highlights the value of finding and leveraging complex relationships between virtually any type of object or thing,” said Jay Jarrell, president and CEO of Objectivity, Inc.  “With InfiniteGraph’s simple yet powerful API, organizations can more easily connect the dots hidden in virtually any type and amount of data, and obtain the deeper insights they need, in real-time.  Whether these connections are between people, topics of interest, etc., social graphs, network data, and large amounts of data are having a major impact on how our customers need to analyze information. That’s where we can help.”

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