A big thank you to everyone who participated in the InfiniteGraph beta program that opened to the public earlier this year! We received a great amount of support, feedback and suggestions from the community.

Last night we released InfiniteGraph 1.0 and numerous updates to the main website, including more information about the product and available license options. We’ll have more news in coming weeks and months, and will always keep you posted through Twitter, RSS and other channels.

Beta results:

Nearly 700 registrants participated in the InfiniteGraph beta program, representing a range of users from Fortune 500 organizations to innovative start-up companies. InfiniteGraph is already being evaluated by several high-technology, business intelligence and informatics, bioinformatics, business and IT consulting and government organizations.

Feedback from beta participants centered primarily around the following strengths:

  • InfiniteGraph’s unique architecture and addressing scheme enables distributed data and processing, and exabyte or greater scalability.
  • InfiniteGraph supports a true concurrent client connection model.
  • The client caching layer is very sophisticated, minimizes disk reads and optimizes data locality.
  • The graph database is mature, enterprise-ready, and includes a full range of administration tools for deployment and management of an enterprise data platform.

We’re looking forward to your continued participation, building interesting things with InfiniteGraph, sharing your expertise with the community, and helping us as we further develop the product.

Please note: We’ve also just created a new Google Group for InfiniteGraph, to facilitate more interactive, real-time discussions among our user community. Please sign-up today, and share your ideas with everyone!

Thanks again, everyone!

The InfiniteGraph Team