Tim Anglade to host discussions on new breed of solutions, in five countries and eleven major cities, during ten-week world tour.

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Sunnyvale, CA - September 20, 2010 –  A series of conferences on “NOSQL” (or “Not Only SQL”) alternatives to traditional, relational, database technologies has been slated from late September through November, 2010. Seeking to expand awareness around this emerging class of data, storage, application architecture and data modeling solutions, this NOSQL world tour will start in the United States, continue through Tokyo, Rome, Berlin and finally conclude in London.

Tim Anglade, founder of “a NOSQL Summer,”  Lecturer at the University of Paris-Este, internet consultant and regular speaker on new technologies, is facilitating conversations among leading vendors and projects, thought-leaders and technologists, enterprise and government end-users. One of Tim’s primary goals in conducting these interviews and conferences is to develop greater awareness and interest around new and alternative solutions that can solve difficult development and business problems faced by organizations today. In building these new internet-scale web services and platforms, organizations are becoming increasingly aware that traditional or older relational technologies can be poorly suited to supporting distributed and big data volumes, advanced analytic and computational requirements, and high-availability, low-maintenance architectures.

There’s a definite paradigm shift happening in the world of data” says Tim Anglade. “Organizations, big and small, are hitting technological walls with the information they want to store and access. In response, the NOSQL world has been offering a slew of interesting solutions to those problems. Raising awareness about these projects and documenting this exciting technological era, are two tasks I’ve been passionate about. So to me, this tour is an ideal opportunity to help our communities grow, as well as give potential users a taste of what is shaping up to be a new, global market.

International Conference Schedule:

More information about the tour and scheduled conferences will be posted on InfiniteGraph.com, and on NOSQLTapes.com (next week), which is also being used to host videos and materials from the conferences and numerous interviews being conducted throughout the tour, with a number of technology thought-leaders, solution providers and end-users.

World tour and conferences being supported by innovative vendors in the “NOSQL” space

Sponsoring the tour and online repository for these video interviews and conference materials, are two companies that represent some of the latest innovations in this space. InfiniteGraph enables large-scale graph processing, data analytics and discovery through a developer toolkit and API that sits above Objectivity/DB, an enterprise-proven data management platform. Scality has developed massively scalable storage solutions for ISPs and large media and communications organizations utilizing vast distributed architectures.


All the team members at Scality have been very strong supporters of the NOSQL tour from the very first day Tim presented the project,” says Giorgio Regni, CTO at Scality. “Scality’s Ring is the fastest, most scalable cloud storage infrastructure software today and it makes perfect sense to couple it with a fully distributed NOSQL database sharing common innovative architectural ideas and benefits. Along with InfiniteGraph, we are very proud sponsors of the event in helping the community to gather and work together in order to bring technological innovation to the market.

Scality provides a massively scalable storage platform enabling easy application deployment at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage. Delivered as a software solution, Scality can be deployed to enable email and service providers or as a system to enable and grow cloud storage services at hosting providers or other storage-intensive services. Scality sells directly to internet service providers, cable operators, fixed-line, mobile operators and hosting companies and through Value Added distribution channels. The cloud storage company has offices in Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. For more information please visit www.scality.com.


We are glad to be supporting the efforts of Tim Anglade, and share the vision held by him and others in this growing community,” says Thomas Krafft, director of marketing for Objectivity, Inc. (InfiniteGraph’s parent company). “By fostering greater awareness among developers and technology decision-makers tasked with building next-generation services and platforms, they in turn can help spread adoption of innovative new technologies that address the various challenges they face every day. It’s about helping people find the right tool for the job, and these events help introduce people to technology they need.

InfiniteGraph enables large-scale graph processing, data analytics and discovery in systems and services developed around social networking, business intelligence, scientific research, national security and other advanced, mission critical requirements. InfiniteGraph offers a unique, graph database solution based on a highly-scalable, distributed data persistence technology that has been deployed in some of the most advanced and mission-critical enterprise and government systems in operation today. Organizations can use this solution to discover complex relationships in their data and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings. For more information, visit www.InfiniteGraph.com.

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