Intro Videos

Graph Database at Massive Scale

In this brief video overview and demo, see how and why Objectivity’s graph database can handle billions of call detail records to quickly track and uncover the social interactions of people to discover new intelligence at massive scale.

Why Use ThingSpan?

A short two minute video overview on how ThingSpan can help discover hidden connections for new intelligence in your enterprise, distributed data in real-time.


Objectivity’s Graph Queries and Visualization Overview

This brief video overview highlights Objectivity’s query language, “DO” and “Studio” visualization for use with large scale, complex data use cases.

ThingSpan Technical Overview Presentation

This short technical video presentation highlights an important deficiency with traditional analytical tools and shows how ThingSpan, a distributed graph analytics platform, helps solve them at enterprise speed and scale.


ThingSpan is Machine Learning Compatible and Cloud Ready

A short (less than 2 minute) intro video of the power of ThingSpan combined with Machine Learning. ThingSpan can also run in all cloud environments making it easier to deploy and scale applications.

ThingSpan Financial Use Case Video

This brief video presentation highlights the power of ThingSpan in a financial services use case. ThingSpan is able to ingest one billion financial transaction events in hours while performing complex query and graph operations simultaneously. ThingSpan adds analytical value beyond statistics to show the actual behavior of the transactions when doing sub-graph similarity.

Objectivity’s DO Query Language Overview Presentation

This video presentation highlights the quick and easy interface provided by Objectivity’s DO query language to allow data scientists to query data without having to write or compile code.  DO is similar to SQL and Cypher to formulate queries for pattern discovery within large, complex data sets.