The license file is used to access the federated database and must always be up-to-date. If you received a new license from a recent purchase, or you’re replacing an expired license with a new one, the federated database must be updated with the new license information, otherwise, it will use the old license and cause an error.

Note: These steps for managing a Federated Database’s License are the same for both Objectivity/DB and InfiniteGraph.

Setting up a License File

1. Create a new default license file:

a. Check whether a file called oolicense.txt already exists in your installation directory. If so, rename that file.

b. Save your new license as a text file called oolicense.txt in your installation directory .

Updating a Federated Database’s License

Run oolicense with either the -licensefile or -fromdefault option, and the bootFilePath.

Example: oolicense -licensefile C:\Program Files\Objectivity 10.2\oolicense.txt C:\Users\johndoe\Desktop\RunApp\app.boot

Verifying a Federated Database’s License

To display a federated database’s license, run oolicense with the bootFilePath and no other options.

Example: oolicense C:\Users\johndoe\Desktop\RunApp\app.boot

You can verify the version of the license you are using and when it expires.


To view the full documentation, you may access the following link:

Administration Book