If your data contains a lot of many-to-many relationships, if recursive self-joins are too costly or limiting to your application and scaling needs, and/or your primary objective is quickly finding connections, patterns and relationships between the objects within lots of data, you will find graph databases superior to all other technologies - including relational databases, key-value, column or document databases.

Darren Wood is the Architect and Lead Developer of InfiniteGraph, the distributed graph database, produced by Objectivity, Inc. Darren has spent the majority of his career architecting and building distributed systems with an emphasis on elastic scalability and data management. Prior to joining Objectivity, Inc. in 2007, Darren held positions as a Senior Consultant with IONA Technologies and a Development Team Lead for Citect Australia. Darren holds a First Class Honors Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.


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