With so many new technologies, solutions, and projects sprouting daily, the graph database market is a bit like the wild, wild west.   Even with our 24 years of experience in the NoSQL database and Big Data space, we still have a hard time keeping track of it all. To combat the confusion in the market, and to educate our clients and prospects, we drafted a graph database comparison chart last year based on publicly available project/company and reference websites like Wikipedia, to explore the many different options and features within graph databases today.

We have since developed a publicly editable version of this graph database comparison chart located at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graph_database and invite all community experts in graph database technologies to assist in maintaining the chart with the latest updates on features, benefits and new technologies.   We hope this will become a valuable, unbiased, reference to anyone looking for information on understanding and deploying a graph database solution.