The new strategic business unit is tasked with bringing the first enterprise-ready and distributed graph database product to market.

Objectivity, Inc. announced the formation of a new strategic business unit, InfiniteGraph, to create a new product to meet the global need to obtain real-time answers through deep analysis of complex, multi-dimensional relationships in organizations’ mission critical data. The technology that will most significantly meet this need are high-performance, scalable and distributed graph databases.

The new strategic business unit will showcase InfiniteGraph, a new, distributed graph database product for any cloud or enterprise environment. This new graph database, of which a beta version was released today, will provide the ultimate combination of simplicity and distributed scalability and empower organizations to rapidly find, present, and leverage all of the information and relationships in their data.

“Our most recent, leading-edge customers have given us the objectives that guide the InfiniteGraph project,” said Jay Jarrell, president and CEO of Objectivity. “There are important connections and relationships in their data that are highly valuable for business and other intelligence efforts. The solution that finds the greatest number of relationships the fastest, wins; we believe InfiniteGraph is that solution.”

The business unit was formed specifically to develop solutions for organizations in pursuit of social network and business intelligence, significant technical cost savings, and time-to-market advantages. The InfiniteGraph business unit will support the most advanced research, social intelligence and relationship analytics capabilities on highly distributed environments, including cloud computing platforms. An entirely new breed of Enterprise 2.0, Web 3.0, and Government 2.0 systems will be developed from the new InfiniteGraph product, enabling some of the most leading-edge scientific, business, financial and intelligence efforts in the world.

The team is fully prepared to leverage the company’s core enterprise experience and capabilities to innovate and produce a new and disruptive technology that will achieve compelling adoption in this emerging marketplace. The unit’s leadership pedigree ensures technical superiority in solving complex data problems today and into the future.

The new distributed InfiniteGraph database will enable developers to exceed their highest graph computing requirements and future-proof their applications as they scale in connections and relationships. For example, traditional databases often require months of extra development, resource intensive customized code, and costly middleware layers in an attempt to find connections in disparate data systems. However, the end-result of these efforts often create systems that do not yield real-time answers, do not scale easily, and which cannot perform any analysis deeper than two or three degrees of separation between data points.

This new and innovative graph technology will enable developers working in fields such as social networking, business intelligence, scientific research and national security, to get instant answers and information from vast amounts of highly complex and often unstructured data. The InfiniteGraph business unit will leverage existing enterprise-proven requirements in reliably supporting even the most risk-adverse and mission-critical operations.

InfiniteGraph is currently in a public beta, and the high performance, scalable and distributed graph database will be available for download in coming weeks. For more information, please visit

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