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Metadata Connect Helps You Organize and Analyze Vast Amounts of Metadata

Massively Scalable Metadata Management Platform

Metadata Connect allows you to define data about data and connections from any external source and form connections within it. You can then understand how data interacts as it is changed and perform powerful navigational and pathfinding queries.

Metadata Connect is hosted in the Cloud and exploits the underlying database’s distributed data management and processing capabilities. It can scale elastically to suit the amount of data arriving and the volume and intensity of query demands.

Metadata Connect is extremely easy to deploy: just define your metadata and connection types; load the metadata and connections; then immediately start looking at the relationships between data using pre-defined queries.

As you become more experienced you will have the full power of Objectivity’s DO conventional and graph query language at your fingertips, plus a variety of display formats.

Metadata Connect Architecture



Metadata Connect runs in the Cloud, so you can start small, expand as needed, and increase or decrease compute power and storage to deal with peak loads. You can enter data interactively or bulk upload it. You also have the full power of the DO declarative standard and graph query language available.


You can define your own information and connection types as needs change. You also have access to REST and other APIs to handle complex processing. As Metadata Connect uses ThingSpan as its platform you can also leverage Spark tools, such as Machine Learning Library.


Setting up Metadata Connect is straightforward. Most usage will be interactive, via browser screens, but you can also add your own services, canned queries and visualizers. System Administration tasks are kept to a minimum, using standard Cloud administration dashboards.

High Performance

The underlying database has been proven in operational systems ranging from embedded real-time applications to some of the largest databases in the world. Navigational and pathfinding queries can exploit the parallel query capabilities to outperform traditional systems.

Working with Metadata Connect

With Metadata Connect, developing applications is as simple as connecting data sources, loading the metadata and connections, then using powerful graph queries to discover new relationships.

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