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The Power of Object Data Technology

Objectivity/DB, the company’s flagship product and patented object-oriented database technology, enables customers to maximize existing infrastructure to capture information needed to address evolving, complex, analytic requirements within Big Data.


Advanced Technology

Objectivity/DB is an advanced embedded object database technology for developers of critical systems, applications and devices.



Enables Big Data management for high performance, real-time applications in distributed and massively scalable environments.


Versatile Data Support

Supports virtually any data model, and enables live queries against any data type, volume and source.


Powerful Analytics

Ideal for realizing business value from the Industrial Internet of Things by empowering complex Big Data analytics, network analysis, data fusion, and similar systems.


Working with Objectivity/DB

Objectivity/DB is a comprehensive solution that can help you achieve your objectives, but which also requires a familiarity with design, development, deployment and administrative practices common to this technology. Several options are available to aid you and your technical teams throughout this evaluation and learning process.

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