Objectivity/DB - Benefits


Objectivity/DB: Smart for Business

Improved application performance, higher quality and lower costs, proven capabilities, built for speed, and gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Superior Application Performance: Our patented technology enables far more efficient ingest and access to massive volumes of complex, disparate data, typically improving performance by orders-of-magnitude beyond traditional relational infrastructures.
  • Significant IT Cost Reductions: In a recent benchmark, Objectivity/DB performed the same work using 25% less processor power and 60% less storage. Also, because data is located where the application or client needs it, significant improvements and reductions in network latency and bandwidth costs may also be realized.
  • Higher Quality, Lower Costs: Objectivity raises your product quality even as it lowers your total cost of ownership.
  • Proven Capabilities: Objectivity, the enterprise database leader of real-time, complex Big Data solutions for over 25 years, is committed to our customers’ success, with innovative deployments, partnerships and a customer base of Fortune 500 businesses.
  • Built for Speed: Objectivity’s patented technology simplifies the data collection process, enabling real-time ingest of even the most complex, interrelated data streams.
  • A Competitive Advantage: Objectivity/DB has been the enabling technology in some of the most advanced, complex, mission-critical systems and applications today.



Objectivity/DB: Smart for Development

Innovate with the power of our embedded object database technology. Integrate multiple programming languages, in-memory speed, optimized performance, reliability and massive scalability into your applications. Objectivity/DB’s unique distributed architecture allows for nearly unlimited growth and flexibility, virtually future-proofing your application.

  • Distributed Architecture: With its uniquely federated distributed architecture, Objectivity/DB leverages processing power from every compute node and can run on lower cost commodity hardware, eliminating both the high costs, common latency issues and application bottlenecks associated with centralized server architectures.
  • Simplicity: Objectivity eliminates the mapping layers by representing objects directly. The mapping layer is code that relational DBs need to compose and decompose objects and relationships between objects. It forces programmers to spend time maintaining the mapping layer rather than enhancing the application itself.
  • Power: Objectivity enables customers to handle all types of data from all types of systems. Your applications can manage rich, complex data types and contextual information easily and quickly because of Objectivity’s pure object technology.
  • Speed: Unlike relational databases object databases require no in-memory join tables. One-step traversal and explicit clustering allow applications to present data back to the user (human, machine or other software), in the user’s own format, faster than any relational database.
  • Performance: Objectivity’s feature-rich engine provides real-time data collection and storage for multiple data types derived from multiple data streams, without creating bottlenecks or slowing the system down



Technology Advantages of Using Objectivity/DB

  • Fully Distributed, Peer-to-Peer Solution: Objectivity/DB’s uniquely distributed architecture supports many data models. Organizations can distribute the applications and leave the data on a centralized server, or distribute the data across hundreds or thousands of computers and support centralized applications, or distribute the applications and the data. Developers can also use placement options to position data anywhere on the network, and closer to where it needs to be used.


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