Professional Services

Professional Services Packages

Professional Service Packages (PSPs) represent a catalog of service offerings intended to ultimately foster adoption of Objectivity products. These services may or may not involve actual Objectivity/DB or InfiniteGraph implementations; it will depend on the level of engagement with the prospect. The current list of available PSPs include:

  • (New) Converting Neo4J Applications to InfiniteGraph
  • (New) InfiniteGraph Pilot Project
  • Software Installation Assistance
  • Database Design Review
  • Database Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Conversion Review
  • Object Modeling
  • System Resilience Review
  • High Availability Deployment Review
  • Conversion Pilot Program
  • Pilot Project
  • Application Design Review
  • Database System Testing
  • SQL++ and ODBC Deployment
  • Migrating a Legacy Database to Objectivity/DB

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