Webinar on Graph Computing and Relationship Analytics

Reminder: InfiniteGraph is hosting a webinar on discovery of the complex connections that exist within distributed big data - graph data structures such as those found within social, professional and other networks, and higher order relationships that are often sought in scientific research.

The webinar will help software developers and system architects understand how and when to leverage a new class of “NoSQL” (“Not Only SQL”) alternatives to traditional relational database technologies, in support of the advanced requirements of next generation services and application architectures.

When: Thursday, October 7, 2010
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

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Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Database Management and Data Integration Software for IDC (International Data Corporation), and Darren Wood, Lead Architect for InfiniteGraph, the distributed graph database.

Topics of Discussion:

  • An overview of movement towards new technologies
  • Limitations of traditional data technologies in handling certain problems
  • The new classes of technologies and applicable use cases
  • The role of “graph databases” in development of next-generation services
  • Applications ideally suited to large scale graph processing, and examples
  • InfiniteGraph business value and key differentiators

Attendees will learn how InfiniteGraph is ideally suited to processing complex data structures within “big data” – distributed petabyte, exabyte or greater volumes of information – and enabling organizations to extract and discover hidden and valuable connections in the data they collect today.

InfiniteGraph’s graph and relationship analytics capabilities enable organizations involved in social network analytics, business analytics, network management analytics, bio informatics and health science analytics, just to name a few, to derive actionable intelligence and value, with significant time-to-market advantages.

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