Webinar: InfiniteGraph, Riptano, Cassandra Discuss Alternative Data Technologies

In this October 21, 2010 webinar hosted by DBTA (Database Trends and Applications), with InfiniteGraph and Riptano, panelists discussed new data technologies and how the NOSQL (“Not Only SQL”) approach is beneficial in addressing more complex application, scalability and performance requirements in handling vast amounts of data, and in performing advanced analytics on those data volumes with greater ease and speed.
The webcast, entitled “NoSQL, RDBMS Alternatives for the Enterprise” helped participants learn the basics about NOSQL and get up-to-speed quickly on the database technology that enables some of the most data intensive and mission critical systems in the world today. Panelists included Warren Davidson, Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Objectivity and InfiniteGraph, , Darren Wood, InfiniteGraph’s chief architect, and Jonathan Ellis, Project Chair of Apache Cassandra and Co-Founder of Riptano.