On August 17, 2011, the InfiniteGraph team hosted a local Meetup attended by dozens of senior developers working on large scale enterprise and startup projects. Big Data problems are quickly presenting themselves in almost every area of computing from Social Network Analysis to File Processing.

Many technologies, such as those in the NoSQL space were developed in response to the limitations of current storage systems as an effective mechanism to deal with these mountains of data. And much of that data is interconnected in ways that, when organized properly, gives interesting and often valuable information. InfiniteGraph was designed specifically to traverse complex relationships in big data, and provide the framework for products built to provide real-time network analysis, business decision support and relationship analytics.

Presenters: Darren Wood, Chief Architect, InfiniteGraph. Mark Maagdenberg, Senior Field Engineer, InfiniteGraph.

Here are the slides (click here to access the slides on SlideShare directly)

[slideshare 9074310]