Azam Khan of Social Times has posted this write-up about the importance of real-time analysis across complex data and the relationships within. InfiniteGraph is unique in its ability to handle the kinds of use cases referenced in this piece. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Notable quotes:In today’s mobile-driven climate, the importance of real-time analysis cannot be underestimated. … Traditional data analysis technologies were designed around central-server architectures (one big database machine) that were the once the norm… 30 years ago. InfiniteGraph takes all the heavy lifting for developing these sophisticated graphing (network and relationship analysis) models. It doesn’t matter if a customer has one terabyte of data split between two machines, or exabytes of data spread across thousands of machines, they notice a dramatic improvement in query performance. This sort of analysis can be done in a matter of seconds with InfiniteGraph when it would take hours at the very least using traditional databases and SQL queries.