Objectivity, Inc., pioneered high-performance, distributed database platforms to power mission-critical applications involving the most complex data sets. Through the use of Objectivity’s products, enterprise and government organizations are able to achieve new levels of agility at scale by enriching their big data assets with fast data.

Objectivity’s customers model both physical and intangible objects across various systems and processes, analysing everything from people and places to design elements and equipment. Object-based modeling facilitates the creation and management of attribute-level metadata to annotate and enrich data sets and objects with provenance, pedigree, geospatial, temporal, access, and other information.

Forward-looking businesses and government agencies utilize Objectivity’s products to address three broad types of use cases:

1. Managing rich, complex sets of relationships between entities and associated metadata to support advanced analytics and visualization.

- Applications: geoscience analysis

2. Enriching big data assets with fast data from smart sensors to improve sensor-to-insight data flow.

- Applications: manufacturing and logistical situational analysis

3. Developing multi-dimensional contextual information between various entities to support complex relationship analytics to identify actionable insights on a timely basis.

- Applications: threat intelligence, crime analytics

Examples of Objectivity products in action across verticals include use cases in various government agencies, as well as companies in manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation and logistics, telecommunications, healthcare, and energy.

Why Objectivity

As the amount of data grows and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly more important, organizations will need to have a way to capture, organize and manage this information in order to run analytics to gain valuable insight. Objectivity’s products are designed to efficiently scale out using affordable commodity hardware and has been proven through our many long-term customer solutions to be the best at handling and preparing massive amounts of distributed, streaming data for analysis. In Objectivity’s history of software implementations, no customer has ever experienced a single loss of data. Our strong technology partnerships ensure our future relevance as we continue to develop new and innovative information fusion software. If you are looking for secure, scalable, affordable and easy-to-use software for your complex, mission-critical solutions, look no further.


How We Support Customer Solutions

Objectivity offers several options to our customers in support of their custom solutions including:

  • 24x7 and custom support options
  • Professional services
  • Onsite technical support
  • Integration partners worldwide
  • Customizable Training Programs
  • Professional Service Packages (PSP)
  • POC development and support