Industry Use Cases


Objectivity’s platform enables analytics and relationship discovery within some of the most demanding, complex Big Data solutions. Organizations have developed leading edge solutions, discovering data relationships in real-time, with Objectivity’s long-standing, proven technologies.

Objectivity’s strength is in deep link analysis (graph) and complex queries at scale (beyond billions of connections). Please click below for further details about a Call Detail Records use case that ingests and queries billions of records to find new intelligence.

Deep Link Analysis Use Case

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The ability to effectively manage the development of a product from its inception can determine its success or failure. With the globalization of organizations, it is becoming even more crucial to manage distributed resources in real-time to facilitate the collaboration and integration of people, data and business systems. Objectivity’s graph analytics platform has enabled organizations to deploy market-leading solutions to manage complex manufacturing and process control solutions from oil and gas seismic acquisition technology to smart cities and energy management applications, and more.




Objectivity’s graph platform for analytics and relationship discovery enables government agencies to develop and deploy high performance, massively scalable analytics, sensor fusion, and decision support solutions. These mission-critical Big Data analytics solutions enable the US Government and its allies with the information, reliability and accuracy needed to maintain superiority when actively engaging in a global or targeted playing field.

Objectivity’s key partnerships with government procurement and leading system integrators are also critical to ensuring the successful deployment and enhancements of these insightful solutions.  Objectivity’s products and services are available on the GSA Schedule.



Financial Services

Financial institutions have been harnessing Big and Fast Data long before they became buzzwords. Businesses, such as insurance companies, banks and brokerage firms, are dealing with growing volumes of data involving multiple data feeds that need to be fused with contextual data to derive actionable insights in a timely manner. These insights from their data assets can identify emerging fraud, new trading strategies, or developing customer dissatisfaction that could lead to churn, among many others. Objectivity’s products are purpose-built for complex data environments at enterprise-scale, enabling financial services organizations to reach faster time-to-value and gain competitive advantage.



Telecommunications & Networking

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, telecommunications and networking service providers, as well as other enterprise organizations, need to stay ahead of the curve. With Objectivity’s graph platform for analytics and relationship discovery, customers are able to efficiently develop and deploy high performance solutions, which ensure their superiority and competitive advantage in the markets they serve.




Being able to access critical patient data instantaneously can be the difference in changing an emergency situation into a life-saving one. Objectivity’s technology enables healthcare organizations to maximize existing investments and develop complementary real-time solutions to streamline, manage and analyze data efficiently and accurately. Faster and more accurate analysis of patient data results in reduced operating costs and healthier, happier patients.


PeriGen (Medical Decision Support)

Dräger Medical (Medical Data Analytics)

Real-Time Electronic Patient Records Management Systems



…and more!

Objectivity’s technology serves a broad range of use cases in other industries, including media, retail, and advertising. Our customers have been able to develop educational, social and commercial-based networks that are able to offer unique analytical insights based on relationships to offer personalization and add value to the user experience.

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