New customer highlights InfiniteGraph’s strengths in navigating social graphs and utilizing distributed data collected from networks of individuals


Sunnyvale, CA – October 25, 2010 - InfiniteGraph, a business unit of Objectivity, Inc. and developer of data technologies enabling advanced relationship analytics, today announced that Students Circle Network, an educational social network for college and high school students, will use InfiniteGraph to support the social networking aspects of the entire Students Circle Network platform and potential connections to Facebook and Twitter systems in the future.  Students Circle Network is a member of the new InfiniteGraph Startup Program, which makes the software available free to qualified organizations using cloud platforms such as GoGrid and others being added to the program in coming weeks.

Having started the Students Circle Network as a personal project, founder Gospel “Gossy” Ukanwoke almost immediately began to receive requests for more services from a growing base of users, making connections to numerous universities in several countries almost overnight. Students Circle Network ( has indexed more than 10,000 courses from over 200 OpenCourseWare member universities across the globe. The social network – which provides students with free course resources and materials, live faculty help, teaching and lecture materials to students, scholarship offers and study groups – will support studies in business, information technology, engineering and computing, architecture and design, science and humanities, and more.  The number of users is expected to grow from 1500 to beyond 150,000 by the end of 2011.

“The InfiniteGraph Startup Program has given us the opportunity to develop this project in the area of social graph, using a very strong ‘NOSQL’ database,” said Gossy Ukanwoke, founder of Students Circle Network.  “Students Circle is preparing for growth right now, and the InfiniteGraph team is providing us with the technical and business resources that will help us at every step and ensure we are ready for the future.”

The online presence for Students Circle Network,, will utilize distributed, highly available commodity CentOS Linux servers and network resources from a leading cloud platform host. Instances of mySQL will be employed to serve web content and course materials through PHP, IX and Java programmed systems. Because such a large growth trajectory is anticipated for Students Circle Network, the organization wants to “future proof” its development efforts by incorporating a highly-scalable and distributed data persistence technology that will continue to support its growth and increasing requirements indefinitely. This combination of cloud computing and scalable technologies is helping Students Circle to serve their audience without worrying about getting popular; to grow without fear of growing.

“Students Circle Network had enormous potential to be an extremely popular and valuable educational social network,” said Jay Jarrell, Objectivity’s president and CEO. “It will be exciting to watch them grow and succeed knowing that our graph database product, InfiniteGraph, will play such a pivotal role in its technology infrastructure.  We’re thrilled to be working with them.”

About Students Circle Network

Students Circle Network, a start-up based in Kyrenia, Turkey, was founded in 2010; it is educational social network that provides free course resources/materials, live faculty/teacher/lecturer help, scholarship offers, study groups and many more services to college and high school students across the globe.  Students Circle has a current index of nearly 10,500 free and live courses from more than 200 OpenCourseWare member universities across the globe.  Courses in Business, Computing, Engineering,  Sciences and Humanities will be offered.

About InfiniteGraph

InfiniteGraph is a distributed, scalable graph database and developer API which enables large-scale graph processing, data analytics and discovery in systems and services developed around social networking, business intelligence, scientific research, national security and other advanced, mission critical requirements. InfiniteGraph offers a unique, graph database solution based on a highly-scalable, distributed data persistence technology that has been deployed in some of the most advanced and mission-critical enterprise and government systems in operation today. Organizations can use this solution to discover complex relationships in their data and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings.