ThingSpan 15.6 and Objectivity/DB 12.6 Are Now Available

Some of the features of these releases include:


Improved Performance

  • Significant performance improvements with data ingest and navigation


New Redesigned “Studio” (Visualization)

  • Uses WebSocket server as Protocol server to allow more flexibility to cancel long running queries, limit query time, return partial results, etc.
  • Uses Notebook style views that allows the user to view history of all operations
  • Allows user to browse and select the federation


Universal Bidirectional Edges

  • Allows the flexibility to set one side of the association at a time


DO Schema CRUD

  • Full CRUD capability via DO Schema
  • Develop schema without writing any code


DO Query Language

  • Complete collection support
  • C++ 11 support
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated documentation


Contact us to obtain a copy of these latest versions.