We've assembled a list of questions and answers that we hope will be useful to evaluators and users of Metadata Connect.

Q. How much does Metadata Connect cost?
A. Metadata Connect is available on cloud market places and is sold as a Database as a Service application. The license costs are described in full on the product description page. There are additional charges for use of the cloud service platform.

Q. Can Metadata Connect be extended?
A. Metadata Connect is designed to be user extensible. It is very easy to define new information and connection types.

Q. What database is Metadata Connect using?
A. Metadata Connect uses Objectivity ThingSpan, a highly scalable, distributed graph database and analytics platform. ThingSpan is based on Objectivity/DB, the industries most scalable distributed object and graph database.

Q. Can I use ThingSpan and/or Objectivity/DB with Metadata Connect?
A. Yes. All you have to do is add the necessary licenses. ThingSpan runs on Spark and can automatically generate DataFrames, so you can use tools such as Spark SQL, Spark GraphX and MLlib. There are APIs for C#, C++ and Java. You can use the Linux or Windows operating systems. Metadata Connect currently uses Windows.

Q. How many items and relationships can I store in Metadata Connect?
A. Objectivity/DB, the underlying database, is in regular use in production systems that process tens of trillions of items and relationships per day. The theoretical limit to the amount of data that Metadata Connect could handle are in the yottabyte range.

Q. Can I bulk load data into Metadata Connect instead of keying it all in?
A.Yes, you can load data or connections from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file in these formats.

Q. What security does Metadata Connect provide for my data?
A. Your stored data is secured within Microsoft Azure using standard Actve Directory mechanisms based on a username and password that can be set for users or rules, such as Administrator.

Q. My organization allows me to access applications hosted on Azure as long as they don’t rely on any sites on the global Internet. Can I safely use Metadata Connect?
A. Yes. Although you may have found this site on the “public” WWW the version of it that Metadata Connect references is safely encapsulated within the Azure environment.

Q. Can I run Metadata Connect inhouse or on a cloud platform that you don’t currently support?
A. Yes. We can separately license Metadata Connect as a Linux, MacOS or Windows container, either inhouse or on a compatible cloud platform.

Q. How do I deploy Metadata Connect?
A. Take a look at the other topics in the Resources area of this site for advice on preparing to deploy Metadata Connect and the Getting Started area to deploy a personal, workgroup or enterprise version.

Q. I don’t have any programmers available. Can you help me design and deploy a Metadata Connect system?
A. Yes. We can either provide services ourselves or put you in contact with trained partners.

Q. We are an IT development services provider. How do we become an Objectivity Metadata Connect Partner?
A. Please take a look at the Partner Program page.

Q. Can I develop specialized applications using Metadata Connect and deploy them on my own servers or in cloud market places?
A. Yes. Your Cloud customers would pay for platform and Metadata Connect cloud services in addition to your own product license fees. See above for other licensing options.

Q. I haven’t found an answer in the Help pages or here. Now what should I do?
A. You should join the Objectivity Developer Network or Contact Us.