Each installation of InfiniteGraph requires a runtime license for use.  This license is controlled by a special encrypted file named “oolicense.txt” which is mailed to each registered user upon download of the product.   Each license is specific to a customer account.  Instructions for updating the product license will depended on prior experience with InfiniteGraph:

For First-Time users

  • Place the license file in the InfiniteGraph installation folder or directory.
  • Rename the file to oolicense.txt

For Existing Users

  • IMPORTANT: Check if the file “oolicense.txt” already exists in your InfiniteGraph installation folder or directory. If so, please move or rename the file (to oolicense.old for example) for safekeeping.
  • Place your NEW encrypted license file in the same, top-level folder or directory of your InfiniteGraph installation.
  • If you have any existing InfiniteGraph federated databases you must apply the new license file to EACH one using the InfiniteGraph oolicense tool.

How to use the oolicense Tool

The oolicense tool is an application that applies a license (oolicense.txt) to an existing InfiniteGraph federated database.    This must be done each time a new license is acquired OR if the InfiniteGraph database is moved to another physical server.  The tool is found the the “/bin” subdirectory of the InfiniteGraph installation directory.

There are several ways to apply the license update with two of the most popular listed below.   In the examples that follow, the placeholder <IG HOME> is used to refer to the InfiniteGraph installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\InfiniteGraph) while <IG BOOTFILE> refers to the location of the InfiniteGraph federated database boot file. (e.g. C:\data\mygraphdb.boot)

Example 1 - using the default license file location <IG HOME>

[sourcecode language=”java” wraplines=”false”]
oolicense -fromdefault <IG BOOTFILE>

Example 2 - explicitly specifying the license file name and location

[sourcecode language=”java” wraplines=”false”]
oolicense -licensefile <IG HOME>/oolicense.txt  <IG BOOTFILE>

For details on the oolicense tool please visit the corresponding documentation page