Submitted by tnatar on September 9, 2013 - 9:38am

InfiniteGraph provides an igupgrade tool that lets you upgrade a graph database instance to the current InfiniteGraph release.

Before performing an upgrade, make a backup copy of your graph database. When running igupgrade, make sure that the graph database being upgraded is not being used (it should be offline).

To upgrade your graph database using the command line:

  1. Make a backup of the graph database to be upgraded.
    • Go to the directory where the boot file and the federated database file is located.
    • Recover all transactions of the federated database, by using the command:
      oocleanup -local myGraph.boot
    • Perform a basic backup, by using the command:
      oobackup -full -destination fullPathOfBackupDir myGraph.boot
  2. Make sure no one is currently using the graph database.
  3. Run the igupgrade tool, by using the command:
    ​igupgrade -bootfile myGraph.boot

​The command prompt will display a message whether the database was upgraded, or if upgrading is not required since it’s already the latest version.

Product:  InfiniteGraph
Version:  3.1 R3.0