While the world may have been disappointed Facebook didn’t announce a phone, InfiniteGraph is head over heels about the Graph Search announcement.  Over the years our Objectivity teams have had several conversations with companies like Facebook, Ebay and LinkedIn about the power of the graph database and leveraging the graph to recognize opportunities in Big Data.  We have shown our customers that InfiniteGraph can go beyond 7 degrees of relationships to enable complex, distributed, customized searches within Big Data, farther than most solutions can go today. Heck, a year ago, we even showed you how to build your own Facebook graph search free! “Get started w/ our free FB sample @ https://ow.ly/gQsn9”.   … But the gold is in this line here: “The graph we’re talking about includes a billion people, 240 billion photos, and 1 trillion connections” Zuckerberg said according to Venturebeat .  InfiniteGraph is already analyzing connections between petabytes and exabytes of data in real-time. Objectivity’s solutions are able to analyze up to the equivalent of the Library of Congress in hours. 

 It’s Time for the Graph to Get Serious

A light has been shed on the power of the graph to move the Big Data space beyond management and slow analysis.  We have long known of the graph databases’ ability to manage larger volumes of complex data and provide real-time insight that is truly important – the discovery and understanding of the connections between people, places and content within data. And while InfiniteGraph recognized exponential sales and growth in 2012, with this single announcement the graph database just became a household name overnight.

 Now it’s time for this space to make accessing the graph simple for the world by establishing a single graph language that can help customers and the graph reach its true potential.  So graph database companies, are you ready?  Then let’s talk.